Now choose from over 170 L3 Skills games!

Two great new games now bring the total to over 170 L3 Skills games! Ben’s Big Choices and Reading Recipes: Sweet Treats are great examples of how L3 Skills supports lifelong learning as students learn to make good decisions and sharpen their math skills.

Ben’s Big Choices

Ben has been having a tough time in school because, even though he is trying very hard, he doesn’t make the best choices. But with some help, he can make good choices and become a good friend! Would Ben have a better chance at making new friends if he acted tough or if he instead smiled and said, “Hi?” Your students can help Ben as they work to understand social rules and skills.

Reading Recipes: Sweet Treats

We’ve already followed the steps in L3 Skills’ recipes for waffles and pumpkin pie, and now it’s time for some deliciously sweet treats! Students answer questions to practice following directions, using fractions, and number and object identification as they go through the ingredients and quantities for creating seriously scrumptious vanilla cupcakes. We made them in the office and encourage you to make a batch for yourself—they are REALLY good!

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