Multiple Updates Boost Compliance and Flexibility

Improved compliance, greater flexibility, better student support, a new math course, and fun games—our latest updates offer all this and more! Check out how you can improve teaching and learning with Polaris, Positivity, Unique Learning System, and L3 Skills.

Present Levels of Performance

Ensure a compliant present levels of academic and functional performance (PLAAFP) and meaningful IEP for each student! Teachers now have an organized, comprehensive framework that provides a robust, student‑centered foundation for writing present levels. The Present Level of Performance section collects student data, strengths, and needs along with the new impact of disability statement in one central location. This also saves teachers time as they reference the information throughout the school year.

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Visual Schedule Updates

You asked, and we listened! Now visual schedules offer greater flexibility than ever: a movable schedule (to the left or top of the screen) and displaying or hiding the schedule. Plus, with the new Focus View, you can highlight upcoming transitions and focus on the schedule in a larger view.

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Strategy Assignment in Student View

Provide individualized, immediately accessible supports to each student that they can reach in Student View while working in other solutions. Empower self‑regulation and independence by assigning three types of strategies, decision trees, social narratives, and video models—no individual schedule required.

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Sorting Identical Sets Math Course

Students build sorting and matching skills in our latest math course. Promote problem‑solving with high‑interest, accessible, standards‑aligned activities. Prescriptive assessments target skills and support individualized teaching. Differentiated for three levels, instruction moves from teacher‑led to guided practice to independent learning.

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Matching Machine:
Halloween Rhyming Words

In case you missed this one in October, learners can make their matching, reading, and word recognition skills scary good! They visit a spooky factory where they must match rhyming words. When they choose the correct one, the box with the word on it is placed on a conveyor belt and sent on its way. At the end, a fully loaded truck takes all the boxes away.

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Weather Forecast:
Symbol Patterns

Can your students find the patterns in the weather forecast? The weather center is displaying 5‑ and 7‑day forecasts, but they need help filling in the last day. Students must pick the next symbol that should appear in the pattern. Each correct choice results in a visual and auditory celebration.

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