Updates to Boost Teacher Effectiveness and Save Them Time

We love empowering teachers and saving them time, and the latest updates to our solutions do exactly that! Address literacy skills with our new foundational phonics course that extends support for the Science of Reading in Unique Learning System. District and state compliance will be easier to achieve with the added flexibility and assessment summaries Polaris now provides. Our handy resource for choosing back-to-school Positivity strategies is a big time-saver. And a new L3 Skills game gives returning students a fun activity for building life skills.

New Foundational Phonics Course

With Foundational Phonics Course 2 (C, S, I), teachers can give students the means to build literacy skills and generalize those skills across content and environments. Scripted lesson plans save teachers time and build confidence through research- and evidence-based methodologies aligned to the Science of Reading—perfect for meeting individual needs. Nine lessons across all grade bands include explicit, systematic phonics instruction with high-frequency words, digraphs, and two new decodable texts.

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IEP Compliance

Teachers will find it much easier to write district- and state-compliant SMART IEP goals and objectives with new flexibility in writing them. Now goals can start with a date or a specific given statement and include the student’s grade level in order to meet requirements that vary across the US.

Improved Assessment Summaries

For each assessment given, teachers now see an easy-to-read, automatic summary of data that can inform IEPs and instructional decisions for improved student outcomes. Assessment summaries are part of Present Levels statements, making these statements more robust and compliant with data-backed strengths and needs statements.

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Strategies for Back-to-School Success

Positivity is packed with premade, evidence-based strategies, and our new resource saves teachers time by listing appropriate strategies for back to school. Every strategy is customizable to meet individual needs, so teachers can work on prosocial behavior with any student.

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Creating Crafts: Paper Kite

Students will develop their skill at following directions in this new game. As they gather the correct supplies to make a fun paper kite and identify objects at different steps, players get positive feedback along the way. When finished, they can enjoy seeing their colorful kite and “great work!”

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