New Admin Report Tools and Positivity Templates

Enjoy expanded support for teachers and students thanks to recent updates to the Total Solution and Positivity! Admins will gain greater insight into solution usage and student progress while teachers will find time‑saving resources for building essential SEL skills. Plus, a new L3 Skills game lets players discover fun facts about animals at an aquarium.

Total Solution

Access More Data across Multiple Solutions

Administrators can ensure solutions are implemented with fidelity while boosting student success through crucial data‑informed guidance on instruction and the IEP process. Through a more streamlined experience, administrators now have a more comprehensive look at data across solutions using the Administrator Dashboard.

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24 Premade Strategy Templates

Teachers and service providers now have even more resources to help them guide students on their path to independence! They can build SEL skills in three key areas, self‑advocacy, self‑regulation, and daily living, with new decision tree and social narrative templates. They’ll also have more time to spend with learners with access to ready‑made templates that are easy and intuitive to customize. And students will thrive as their needs are addressed and expectations are clearly set.

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Animals at the Aquarium

Students get a chance to learn about interesting aquatic animals when they visit an aquarium in this game. They’ll work on their listening and reading skills before answering a “Wh” question about each animal. Players see the animals in action with correct answers and are rewarded with “You did it! Great job!” at the end.

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