Connect with unique learners better than ever using 15 new templates in SymbolStix PRIME! Teachers and service providers can spark rewarding conversations at school and at home with much‑requested templates that are easily customized for individual needs. Also, two new L3 Skills games build letter and word recognition.

SymbolStix PRIME

15 New Customizable Templates

Strengthen student relationships with educators, peers, and family members by creating more communication opportunities throughout the day. Get to know every student with “about me” boards, award positive recognition through certificates, stay on task with calendars, and much more! Teachers will love getting time back to spend with their students since using the ready-made templates or customizing them is fast and intuitive.

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L3 Skills®

Feed Symbolsaurus Word Games

Players get the satisfaction of feeding the hungry Symbolsaurus in these two new games, one featuring words that start with D and one with E. They must listen carefully for the word that Symbolsaurus wants to eat and drag its symbol to his mouth. Correct answers receive a “thank you” each time as feedback, and at the end, the full Symbolsaurus runs off happily.

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