Search, Link and Report

We have some time-saving improvements to share, plus a major update to one of our solutions! News2you users will find the new search functionality for Breaking News articles to be an easy way to return to those articles and use them anytime you’d like. Unique Learning System users will appreciate the new simplicity of moving linked events. And Positivity users now have many new reports to draw from in order to make data-driven decisions—and improve student outcomes.

Breaking News Search Function

You can now search through the the titles and text of Breaking News articles within News2you. There’s an easy‑to‑use search bar for entering your text, and placing your cursor over each result shows either the map for World News items, the sports symbol for Sports News or the entertainment symbol for Entertainment News. Clicking on your selected result brings you right to the article, ready to be used in your daily lesson!

Research the Search Unique Learning System logo

Move Linked Events as a Group

You’ve always been able to use the Join Events function to link two or more activities so you can complete them in a specific order. But what if you need to adjust your day and quickly move those linked events to another block? You can now move those linked events as a group without having to first unlink them. Just select the linked group of events, drag them where you want them to go and you’re done.

My day needs adjusting! Positivity logo

Expanded Data Reporting

You now have over 30 reports that support all stages of behavior planning, intervention and evaluation. The expanded reports give a clear picture of day‑to‑day performance and strategy assignments, and are crucial resources for identifying overall trends and informing instruction. You can rely on these new reports for making effective, data‑driven decisions!

Getting the full picture