Powerful, Time-Saving Updates to Monthly Lessons and My Students

They’re here! We’ve made big changes to Unique Learning System that empower educators more than ever! From a complete redesign of Monthly Lessons to an enhanced My Students page, these updates give you more time to focus on your students, easy access to important actions and data, and much more flexibility.

Monthly Lessons

Quickly preview and assign activities in just one place, and find the exact lessons and activities you’re looking for with the powerful search—by state standard, category, subject, or skill. The new Quick Assign button lets you assign an activity to individual students, groups of students, or your entire class for either classwork or homework. Need to use an LMS to deliver lessons and activities? No problem! You can easily give students direct links to each assignment, regardless of where they are learning, so data is collected with fidelity. And LMS integration means you have the flexibility to use Unique Learning System according to your needs.

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My Students

Now My Students is even easier to use and more time‑saving! From one central location, you can see completion and submission status of student assignments, preview Student View, look at performance data, and adjust student settings, giving you time back for instruction. In addition, you can build your own pathway and assign lessons and activities from Unique Learning System, including homework.

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Make assignments in News2you, SymbolStix PRIME, and L3 Skills, too!

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