New Checkpoints Delivery in Student View, L3 Skills Game and Polaris Guided Tour

This month’s updates span multiple solutions! Using Unique Learning System you can now assign Checkpoint Assessments in Student View for improved remote progress monitoring. A new game in L3 Skills offers a fun way for students to hone their time‑telling and matching skills. And our revolutionary IEP solution, Polaris, is ready for prime time—watch the guided tour to see this life‑changing system in action!

Deliver Checkpoint Assessments in Student View

For improved progress monitoring remotely with Unique Learning System, you can now deliver Checkpoints in Student View, giving you a third option for administering Monthly Checkpoints. When you assign a Checkpoint in Student View, students will see it in their My Assessments tab, with month and topic clearly displayed. You will also be able to add visual prompting to Level 1 Checkpoints, and other accessibility options in Student View include reading of directions, prompts, and responses via text‑to‑speech.

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Adventure Camp a new L3 Skills Game

Adventure Camp

Players will visit an outdoor adventure camp and plan their activity schedules by matching times provided with the correct analog clock. Adventure Camp is a fun way for 7- to 12‑year‑olds to reinforce time telling and matching skills.

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Guided Tour

Watch as our expert demonstrates the creation of a truly meaningful IEP using our revolutionary new roadmap solution. You’ll see how your team members can easily communicate, effortlessly collaborate, and achieve compliance at every stage of the process.

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