Students Create Some Fun in Two New Games

Students have two exciting new games in L3 Skills, one where they make a delicious snack for game day and one where they build a birdhouse. Reading Recipes: Game Day incorporates fractions as part of number and object identification. Workshop: Birdhouse develops fine motor skills through pre‑writing and tracing.

Reading Recipes: Game Day Snack

Cheering on your team is the perfect time to have a snack ready! For each step of the recipe given in this game, players must identify the ingredient called for and then measure the right amount to add to a mixing bowl. Students get feedback on their choices to let them know whether they’ve made the right one. At the end, they see the appetizing result: spinach avocado dip with lots of chips for dipping.

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Workshop: Birdhouse

Players get their creative juices flowing in this game! They’ll need to use a table saw, drill, glue, and hammer to shape and assemble the wooden pieces of a birdhouse. Each step requires careful tracing or positioning to get ready for the next step. Once every piece has been cut, glued, and nailed together, students choose a decorative paint pattern to finish the job.

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