Amazing Back-to-School Solution Updates

Our newest Polaris updates include Preschool and Transition Areas of Focus and communication-building Parent Surveys. Plus, L3 Skills now includes Super Derby Superlatives, an accessible new language arts game for kids ages 7–12!

Preschool and Transition Areas of Focus

Support preschool and transition students with new Areas of Focus in Polaris! Both the Transition and Preschool Areas of Focus sync up with Unique Learning System profiles and data, empowering teams to plan and write IEPs in Polaris. And the Transition Area of Focus helps students get ready for post-school life, including identifying strengths, interests, and goals that can be used to write IEPs

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Parent Surveys

Keep parents and caregivers feeling heard and provide teachers with a way to connect with new Parent Surveys in Polaris! These surveys give caregivers and parents a meaningful opportunity to share detailed insights about their students to ensure the entire team considers a learner’s strengths, interests, needs, and goals for the future when writing an IEP. Plus, a new section in Write called Strengths and Concerns summarizes input that can be reviewed, edited, and copied into IEP management systems!

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Super Derby Superlatives

This accessible game shows students a superlative word and three derby cars. To select the car that matches the superlative word, players will practice word recognition and decoding to interpret the word and its suffix. When users select the correct answer, they will hear a ding.

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