Activities for Special Education Classrooms

On this Teacher Appreciation Day and every day, your n2y team wants to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do. In your honor, we’ve put together a list of free activities to use in your special education classroom. We hope you download each activity and enjoy them with your students!

Teacher Appreciation Bingo

In the spirit of the day, we’ve created a fun bingo game for you to play with your class. It’s full of symbols and words that honor you, your work and your relationship with your students. Take advantage of this entertaining and meaningful activity, and don’t forget to reflect today on the difference you are making in many lives!
Download Teacher Appreciation Bingo

Accessible Poetry

To honor poetry as a form of creative writing, we created accessible poetry for students in the special education classroom. The poem featured, Clouds, uses the imagery of sheep on a hill to describe the movement of clouds. There are two versions of the poem: a literal version and a figurative version. The literal version symbolizes the words as they are, which helps students with word recognition and vocabulary. The figurative version symbolizes the words with their metaphorical meaning to support understanding the concept of symbolism.
Download Poem

Weather-Ready Nation Newspaper & Activities

n2y has proudly partnered with the NOAA to provide individuals with language and learning disabilities with access to the first-ever symbol-supported weather safety materials. Although the weather may be different from day to day, always changing with the seasons and varying from region to region, one thing remains the same: it is important to stay safe and informed during potentially dangerous weather. These materials will help educate your students on weather conditions and our ever-changing environment.
Download Newspaper & Activities

Coding Activity & Certificate of Completion

n2y Coding Activity
We created a symbol-supported coding activity for students with intellectual disabilities. The activity focuses on moving an object, in this case Bitt Bott, to a target. Students must choose which arrow represents the correct direction. The level of difficulty increases through different obstacles Bitt Bott must avoid. The activity practices coding through following directions.
Download Coding Activity

Internet Safety Pledge

Working with NetSmartz, we used SymbolStix to adapt symbol-supported versions of the Internet Safety Pledges. This four-page resource helps children understand what to do and not do to stay safe while online, as well as offline.
Download Internet Safety Pledge

n2y Solutions Samples

When it comes to meeting the needs of the whole student, n2y’s programs combine to create a cohesive total solution for your special education classroom. It’s a relevant, engaging way to prepare students with both the knowledge and the life skills they’ll need to thrive in the social and professional roles that await them. Try this set of sample activities, strategies and skills practice—taken from our full solution and tied together thematically, visually and digitally—to experience how, with n2y, everyone can learn!
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n2y eXtras! Materials

Want even more materials? Check out the n2y eXtras! You’ll find over 300 free resources created by n2y to help support your classroom or therapy needs. There are five categories for you to search and use: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Communication/Behavior, Classroom Engineering and Fun Stuff. If you’re already an n2y subscriber, there’s no need to register. Simply log in to your account and get the eXtras! from the left menu.
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Share your students’ completed activities with us on social media using the hashtag #n2yproud and don’t forget to tag us @n2yinc.