Assess with Confidence

Turning assessments into
Insights & Results

No instructional program is complete without the assessments and reliable data to demonstrate student progress. Unique Learning System’s powerful, built-in assessment hub—Goals, Preferences, and Skills (GPS)—provides Checkpoints and Benchmarks that are modified to accurately capture present skill levels and guide individual instruction. This design promotes the inclusion of ALL students in standards‑based instruction and allows the entire IEP stakeholder team to see the student’s documented progress toward mastery of standards and goals.

Deliver tailored, research-based assessments

Our experts have developed the research‑based assessments in GPS specifically to measure progress and success in students with disabilities. Each one is designed to meet a specified skill and standard.

Unique Learning System Checkpoint Assessment

Select assessment options with GPS support

Tracking skills in GPS leads to an individualized recommendation on which assessments a student should take. Support includes alignment with the student’s differentiation level, optimal timing of the assessment, goal planning, and more.

Unique Learning System Individual Growth Report

Administer assessments with expert support

An Administration Guide provides the rationale for each assessment as well as instructions and best timing for administering, scoring guidance, and notes on the student populations it serves.

Unique Learning System GPS Administration Guide

Benchmark Assessments

Benchmark assessments help teachers gather baseline data and track and monitor progress in targeted skill areas (including reading, writing, math, transition, and emerging skills) to promote standards fulfillment.

Benchmark assessments help teachers gather baseline data and monitor progress

Checkpoint Assessments

Checkpoint assessments allow teachers to complete pre- and post-assessment of the skills presented in each monthly unit in order to track student growth.

Checkpoint assessments of the skills presented in each monthly unit

Core Rubrics

Promoting independence and success beyond school, Core Rubrics are delivered from the pre–K through transition grade bands to assess the skill areas of employability, communication, self-advocacy, daily living, and social strategies.

Core Rubrics are delivered from the pre–K through Transition grade bands

Transition Planning

Transition Planning helps to facilitate future planning for employment, daily living needs, community access, and successful independence for middle school, high school, and transition-aged students.

Transition Planning helps to facilitate future goals

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