Execute with Fidelity, Report with Confidence

Mastering Compliance and Showing Meaningful Progress

The thoughtful planning and writing that teams accomplish in Polaris pays off when it comes to executing the IEP with fidelity, showing progress, and demonstrating compliance. Robust reporting options also provide many ways to show efficacy and compliance: on a district‑wide, school, classroom, and of course the individual student level.

Keep building your culture of trust

Strengthen the collaborative relationships created during the planning and writing stages, and maximize transparency, by giving all team members—including administrators, teachers, service providers, parents and caregivers, and students—access to the IEP.

Depend on embedded support

Ensure fidelity from every team member with point‑of‑use guidance and support materials, including dedicated resources specifically for parents. The support is also perfect for training new educators!

Save time with instructional recommendations

Rely on suggestions for goal‑driven execution and monitor student progress with individual student performance data that informs your execution of instructional choices. Current n2y subscribers will be thrilled that Polaris recommends activities and materials from Unique Learning System®, SymbolStix PRIME®, and News‑2‑You® in the Execute stage, with suggested activities and materials from L3 Skills® and Positivity® coming soon.

Prove student growth

You can quickly see individual student progress at a glance through automatically created aim lines and trend lines. It’s very easy to show the status of roadmaps, assessments, associated performance data, and recommended instructional supports, and ultimately to demonstrate student mastery and team compliance at every stage. And Total Solution subscribers can see checkpoints and Student Daily Performance updates from Unique Learning System during progress monitoring!

Celebrate success

Confidently provide parents and caregivers with reports and data showing growth in advance of compliance meetings to create a welcoming atmosphere of genuine collaboration and open communication. And use the valuable in‑person time together to discuss any improvements—and to celebrate!

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.