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News‑2‑You is a weekly newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them, enabling them to expand their horizons and engage in relevant current events topics. A supplementary tool for literacy and learning, News‑2‑You gives students the opportunity to have conversations both in and out of the classroom about relevant topics of the day. It also forms a strong school-to-home connection through Class News—a feature that allows students to create their own newspapers.

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Students form a school-to-home connection by building their own newspapers with Class News, a self-paced, onscreen activity designed to encourage collaboration between students, and foster strong associations with the weekly edition of News‑2‑You. Following discussion prompts, the class creates newspapers specific to a school district, classroom or student. You can use the Class News tool to produce as many newspapers as often as you like!

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Rich Literacy and Language Instruction

News‑2‑You provides rich literacy and language instruction as students learn about diverse current events topics through age-respectful content. News‑2‑You is cross-curricular and is presented in an accessible format, supporting digital and media literacy. Skill-building activities enhance student understanding and engagement, encouraging communication, vocabulary, writing, geography and more.

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Just in… Differentiated Instruction

News‑2‑You is available in several levels of the same story: Advanced, Higher, Regular, Simplified and Text Only for each edition. Versions of the paper can be matched to learners’ reading support needs, allowing all students access to the same content using the supports they require to be successful.

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Games and Learning Activities

News‑2‑You subscribers access the weekly newspaper issue online, with interactive speaking pages, or offline, using printable pages for instruction. The main feature article sets the theme for each weekly edition, which also includes articles about people and places in the news, along with pages featuring a recipe, joke, game, puzzle, Sudoku and more.

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I love News‑2‑You! I’ve been using it for nearly 20 years and have seen tremendous growth in my students. One of my favorite stories is about a little guy we had a while back, who had some significant disabilities, and after reading News‑2‑You, he returned to school and said, ‘Miss, I saw this on the news with my dad, and we talked about it.’ I thought, how wonderful, what a great communication opportunity for their family.

mickie korab, special ed teacher

Mickie Korab


Lubbock Independent School District, TX

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