News-2-You is a weekly current events newspaper that provides a way for ALL learners to become connected and engaged to the world around them. News-2-You provides the weekly newspaper in five different reading levels. Subscribers access the weekly newspaper issue online with interactive speaking pages, or offline, using printable pages for instruction. More than 50 accompanying activities are delivered in the weekly theme for multiple guided practice experiences. Activities are engaging and focused on the central topic for the weekly edition of News-2-You.

In addition to weekly editions, News-2-You releases Breaking News articles in three categories: World, Sports, and Entertainment.

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Class News Feature

Class News Feature

Class News is a self-paced, onscreen activity designed to encourage collaboration between students and foster strong associations with the weekly edition of News-2-You. Create a newspaper specific to a district, classroom, or student with Class News. Complete a newspaper as a way to inform parents and others about class activities, encourage communication and writing skills to target skills such as answering questions during speech therapy sessions, or to just stay informed of special education current events.

Joey's Locker

Joey's Locker Activities

Delivered weekly with News-2-You newspaper editions, Joey's Locker includes six web-based games, a bi-weekly storybook, and a bi-weekly interactive cartoon all designed to be used in conjunction with News-2-You. Joey's Locker reinforces vocabulary from each edition of News-2-You and remains a time-tested favorite set of SPED news activities for users!

News-2-You Mobile App 2.0


The News-2-You app by AssistiveWare supports all four levels of each weekly special education news edition of News-2-You. Read the news using any of the text-to-speech voices, which include specialty and children’s voices. Track reading progress for each reader!

Three ways to access:


Download the app and purchase individual editions of the newspaper.

Subscribe to the News-2-You app by AssistiveWare.

Download the app, sign in with your News-2-You login for free access.



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  • When I observe classrooms, I hear students interacting with each other and with staff about the newspaper topics. I don’t have to see a lesson plan to know they have read it. They simply talk about it. Super work, News-2-You.
  • My students and I really enjoy the News-2-You newspaper. The topics are so current. We learn about things, places, and people we might not have otherwise. You save me hours every week and make learning fun too!
  • I provide many presentations about SLP tools for students with special needs. Many of my presentations include a 15-minute overview of News-2- You! I just couldn't live without it for therapy. I am so honored to share your wonderful newspaper with others.
  • News-2- You covers topics that our whole family wants to discuss! Our son chooses the topic or leads conversations! It's a game changer for our family.



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