Delivery Options

Powerful Behavior and Strategies That Reach Students Anytime, Anywhere

Whether your school has an in-person, hybrid, or remote learning model, using Positivity offers you the flexibility to deliver high‑quality behavior and social‑emotional learning strategies online and on demand to fit your needs and keep your students advancing toward their goals.

Shared computer model

If you currently have one computer there are many ways to take advantage of Positivity’s powerful strategies. Create printable social narratives and decision trees for delivery to whole groups or individuals (these can be sent to students working remotely). Schedule alarms as reminders for transitions or personalized needs. Display strategies such as video modeling or social narratives to prepare individuals or small groups for upcoming events or tasks.

Student and teacher working together.

Interactive model

Display the visual schedule for the whole group throughout the day with a computer and interactive whiteboard. Workflows, incentive charts, and breath strategies also can be displayed. Encourage cooperative learning by presenting video modeling or social narratives on the big screen. During remote learning, students can view strategies via shared screens using your district’s video conferencing platform.

Two students practicing the breath strategy on a whiteboard.

1:1 model

A computer, whiteboard, and 1:1 devices offer the greatest flexibility in personalizing strategies in Positivity. Customize visual schedules to meet the needs of individuals. Target decision trees, social narratives, and incentives to address specific students’ behavior goals. Discreetly deliver breath strategies, breaks, and alarms to individuals. Let Positivity’s strategies help students as they transition between self‑contained, resource room, and inclusion settings with their personal devices. And with its cloud‑based accessibility, Positivity is particularly well suited to improving remote learning.

Boy and his dad working on a laptop.

Seamless transition from in‑school to remote learning

With access to Student View in Positivity and any other n2y solutions you’re using, it’s easy to deliver behavior strategies to individual students or the whole class.

Boy on a tablet looking at the Positivity Student View

Flexible scheduling and delivery

Create a visual schedule for each block of the day in Positivity, with a display that helps students anticipate assigned behavior strategies. To add flexibility and reach remote learners when and where they are learning, choose from time‑based or manually advanced schedules to best fit the individual needs of students—ideal for retaining the day’s structure while continuing to deliver pre‑assigned behavior strategies!

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