Developing emotional control with a calming breath

Many of us take a deep breath naturally when we need to destress. But for students with disabilities, this is a calming strategy that might need to be directly taught and practiced. Positivity provides a visual representation of breathing that helps students understand the concept of how deep breaths can calm their emotions.

Relieve student frustration
or anxiety to prevent class disruptions

This calming strategy is delivered on demand within Positivity—which means it can be applied in time to help calm a student whose emotions are escalating. Once you’ve identified situations that create frustration, anxiety or even aggression in a student, use the strategy to help teach them to stop and breathe to reach a state of calm. Students will see an animated heart on the screen, which paces their breathing and lasts for the time you’ve allotted.

Apply the strategy in
individual or whole‑class settings

Sometimes when one student’s emotions run high, the entire class feels the effects. Positivity lets you deliver a calming breath to one student or to the whole class at once. It’s an ideal way to get everyone back on track and to reinforce learning the strategy for those who need it most.

Implement with fidelity
and best practices

  • Teach the student how to use the breath strategy through modeling and practice, and then let Positivity help you initiate it throughout the day as needed.
  • Based on data collected within the system and student responses, adjust the frequency and length of breaths assigned and even change the color of the heart.
  • Gradually reduce delivery of the strategy as the student’s frustration tolerance and emotional responses improve.

Are you ready to see it in action?

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