From Concrete to Abstract Help Students Access Math

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Math can be beautiful, and it is the foundation of our modern world. However, math can be difficult (or even scary) for students, including learners with disabilities. Bring access to the elegance of math for any learner with the concrete‑visual‑abstract sequence (CVA), a research‑based framework for instruction!

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the benefits and challenges of CVA
  • Learn the seven steps to plan and implement a mathematical unit using CVA
  • Garner practical application of CVA beginning with use of manipulatives and leading to written notation

Get seven steps to implement CVA in your classroom.

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About the Presenter

Dr. Bradley Witzel’s most recent books include Rigor in the RTI and MTSS Classroom, Teaching Elementary Mathematics to Struggling Learners, and Bridging the Arithmetic to Algebra Gap. He has served as a board member consulting with several states on RTI and MTSS, as an author/panelist on the Institute of Education Sciences RTI Math Practice Guide, and as an invited reviewer of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel Final Report.

Kelly Blanton started her career as a paraeducator in a self-contained classroom. As a classroom teacher, she has worked in both elementary and middle level in general and self-contained settings with students with disabilities and at-risk concerns. A graduate student at Western Carolina, she is studying mathematics instruction for students with disabilities.