Visual Enhancements, Streamlined Assessments, and Intuitive Updates!

Total Solution

  • Have you noticed our intuitive new look? We have updated our appearance to create a seamless visual experience across n2y. Don’t worry, no functionality has changed, but our visual accessibility standards have!
  • Save and Continue has been added to n2y assessments! You now have the ability to pause, navigate away from partially completed assessments, and return at a later time.
  • Sharing lesson plans with admins, co-teachers, and subs is easier than ever! Export from Planner up to four weeks in advance.
  • While previewing assessments, a warning bar will now appear to remind you that no data is being recorded.
  • Confident in your ability to administer expressive assessments? Save time and skip instructional videos during expressive assessments.
  • Benchmark Trend Reports allow you to easily analyze and interpret changes in student performance over time with new visualizations, calculations, and capabilities.
  • Summer Access begins May 1! Explore the free resources available to you during summer learning.
  • Measure the success of all students, including those with moderate to significant disabilities, with ELA and Math Active Participation Benchmarks that are available to measure student engagement and responsiveness.
  • Quickly identify the appropriate level of support for your students in Current Issue Newspapers with differentiated levels now organized to reflect a progression of complexity. The default selection will now be Advanced, supporting guidance in the lesson plans!
  • The text-only version of the newspaper, available for braille conversion, is now available within the PDF downloads.
  • Better prepare for weekly newspaper activities, like the craft, recipe, and science activities, with the expanded Shopping list now on the Planning page.
  • Find more areas, like Today’s Weather, linked on News2you’s homepage to make navigation that much easier!