New Courses, Letter-Tracing Boards, and Games

Check out exciting new additions to n2y solutions that boost instruction and learning! Educators can target skills with two new, differentiated math courses in Unique Learning System, provide intervention instruction with an ELA course in Inspire, customize letter-tracing boards for writing practice in SymbolStix PRIME, and give students a fun, engaging game to practice forming compound words.

New Math Courses with Assessments

For students assessed on extended standards, two new multisensory math courses provide supplementary individualized instruction to target foundational skills at three different levels. In Identifying Primary Colors, students practice recognizing red, blue, and yellow, and in Identifying Secondary Colors, students find green, orange, purple, pink, and brown. Both courses include teacher-led instruction, guided practice, and independent learning for students to make connections between what they know about math to new concepts.

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New ELA Course for Grade 3

For struggling students assessed on general education standards, our new ELA course Craft, Structure, and Integration provides targeted intervention instruction for third-grade skills. Based on need, students in any grade learn to use text structure and authors’ craft to glean meaning from literature. They determine meaning of words and phrases; analyze text; and distinguish different points of view. Students analyze the effects of illustrations on stories and compare and contrast elements of similar stories.

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New Letter-Tracing Boards

Provide a fun, engaging way for students to work on a challenging academic area and fine motor skills with new boards. Teachers save time with customizable boards with upper and lowercase letters in multiple fonts and sizes to provide practice in writing. Students practice writing single letters, the alphabet, or words. Boards can be printed out and completed in paper/pencil form or completed with the ink tool and printed to showcase student work.

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Crafty Compounds

Provide compound word practice necessary for early reading and writing skills in a time-saving and fun way! Players learn about compound words by building specific compound words that match pictures on the screen. For example, a sunflower pops up, and the player chooses the word “sun” and drags it to the bottom. Then, the player chooses the word “flower” and drags it to the bottom to create the word “sunflower” to match the picture. At the end, when the picture and the word match, players receive positive reinforcement with a “good job.”

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