Summertime Learning and a New Tool and Game

Summer will flow more smoothly than ever with the latest updates to your solutions. In Unique Learning System’s Summer Unit, students will learn about camping, hiking, and the importance of trying new things—plus, we’ve added guides to adapting the unit’s leveled books. Everyone will love the new marker tool in SymbolStix PRIME. And an L3 Skills game offers a pleasant way to beat the heat while working on fractions and identifying numbers and objects.

Summer Unit

Summer learning is here in Let’s Go to Summer Camp. Explore the recreation and leisure aspects of camp with fun activities that teach responsibility, safety, and self-advocacy. New this year, each leveled book in the Summer Unit includes a guide for adapting it using a multisensory approach, which can increase engagement and comprehension! Whether using picture cards with pages in a binder or providing objects, textures, or smells, educators will have options to meet individual student needs.

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Marker Tool

Now it’s a snap to get the same functionality as print when using interactive boards and activities! Students, teachers, and service providers can draw, write, or highlight anywhere with the new marker tool. For example, during a game of Bingo, students can mark their cards while playing along on their device!

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Reading Recipes:
Summer Smoothie

In this new game, students can make a refreshing smoothie to cool off this summer! As they work their way through the recipe, they’ll need to follow the directions carefully. Each step asks the player to identify the correct ingredient and how much of it is needed. At the end, everything gets blended together for a delightful treat with positive reinforcement: “Great job!”

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