Improve Instruction and Engagement

Unique Learning System gets most of the updates this month, including new and improved lesson plans in Leveled Book and Number Sense lessons, engaging math visuals, a second foundational phonics course, and more new and improved Benchmarks. Plus, we’ve added some L3 Skills games that strengthen sound recognition with Symbolsaurus.

Updated Unit Lesson Plans and Math Visuals

Teachers now have more ways to ensure they provide the explicit, systematic instruction each unique learner needs for meaningful growth. Lesson plans give insights into using content that is Science of Reading aligned and using evidence-based practices when teaching math. Updated math visuals are more engaging than ever, which helps students build the skills they need for success in school and life.

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New Foundational Phonics Course

In Foundational Phonics Course 2 (C, S, I), teachers will be able to boost literacy skills with research- and evidence-based methodologies that align to the Science of Reading. Scripted lesson plans save teachers time and build confidence, knowing that they can tailor instruction to meet individual needs. Nine lessons across all grade bands include interactive activities and decodable texts to reinforce newly learned letter sounds and high-frequency words.

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New and Improved Benchmarks

Teachers are empowered and students stay engaged with our latest Benchmarks that save administration time, include appealing images, and align with the most up-to-date research, including the Science of Reading. Choose from three ways to administer each Benchmark: assigned via Student Dashboard, teacher led, or offline. Teachers gain an in-depth understanding of each unique learner’s strengths and needs from additional data, which informs the PLOP, supports instructional decisions, and drives compliance.

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Feed Symbolsaurus Games (P, Q, and R Words)

With these games, students have fun while developing beginning sound knowledge needed for early reading skills. After learning what letter sound the Symbolsaurus wants to eat, players drag a symbol to the mouth of the dinosaur. Correct answers receive positive feedback as “thank you” each time. At the end, the satisfied dinosaur says, “See you next time!”

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