Inspire Launches and Total Solution Extends Flexibility

Inspire is here! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new intervention curriculum that guides struggling and at-risk students to achieve general education standards! What else is new? You get expanded flexibility in planning and assignments and the option to share students with other educators across our total solution. The Present Level of Performance section in Polaris has been reorganized to ease IEP development and compliance. And L3 Skills has lots of new games.

Skill-Based Intervention Curriculum

Efficiently start identifying and closing skill gaps with the comprehensive resources included in Inspire. New and seasoned educators alike will love its time-saving prescriptive assessments, grab-and-go lesson plans, automatic data collection, and valuable reports. Build confidence and independence in students with its gradual release of responsibility instructional approach, which no other solution offers!

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Total Solution

Grade-Band Flexibility

Teachers who teach multiple grade bands now have more flexibility in planning for the school year and assigning content. They can assign activities, courses, Checkpoints, and transition materials regardless of grade band.

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Sharing Students

Meeting students’ needs across different subjects and collaborating with fellow educators are both easier with the new ability to share students. Pick from two permissions when sharing: assign and view or assign and edit. A service provider who’s given assign and edit permissions can assign activities and lessons, edit others’ assignments, and modify student settings and information.

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Write Section Updates

To help educators create robust, compliant IEPs, we’ve updated the Present Level organization in the Write section of Polaris. It more closely resembles what’s required for a Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP), so educators get a meaningful look at student strengths and concerns, assessment data, and disability impact in one place.

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Feed Symbolsaurus (H, I, J, and K Words)

Students build letter and word recognition while feeding that hungry Symbolsaurus in these games! After listening carefully for the word that Symbolsaurus wants to eat, they drag its symbol to his mouth. Correct answers receive a “thank you” each time as feedback, and at the end, the satisfied dinosaur runs away happily.

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Grocery Pickup!

In this game, students head to the grocery store to buy items using a shopping list, which builds following directions, matching, and object identification skills. They’ll need to choose the correct item that’s highlighted on the list and in the quantity noted. When the list is finished, students are rewarded with “Great job!”

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