Science of Reading course and end-of-year strategies

See what we’ve added to n2y solutions to support teachers and unique learners! Educators can foster lifelong readers with a new Science of Reading course in Unique Learning System, assign Benchmarks in GPS, provide transition career resources, customize math boards for abstract skills practice in SymbolStix PRIME, and assign premade, end-of-year strategies to provide students the consistency they need to thrive.

New Science of Reading Course with Assessments

We’re excited that Foundational Phonics Course 1 is live, and it’s included with every subscription! Based on the latest Science of Reading research, it offers nine robust lessons with engaging, age-appropriate content across all grade levels, from pre-K through transition. As students build literacy skills, they can generalize them across content and will enjoy reading more. Eight more courses are on the way for 2023!

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New Transition Career Resources

Teachers save time with premade, engaging Job Categories posters, which serve as a guide for students and their support team to explore and prepare for jobs of interest. An instructional guide for the Career Clusters posters includes suggested activities and additional resources for vocational planning.

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New and Improved Benchmarks in GPS

Now educators can let students independently take new Benchmark assessments in GPS by assigning them in Student View. These assessments are Science of Reading aligned, and can be completed online, led by the teacher, or offline, so each unique learner can show what they know. Data provided by completed Benchmarks syncs with Polaris to promote data-driven decision-making regarding instruction. Data also informs the IEP, including the PLOP, and drives compliance.

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New Strategies for End of School Year and More

Teachers get a list of premade, customizable strategies to support students in successfully concluding the year. These strategies are listed in a new Teacher Reference Guide that includes transitions, schedule changes, and more. Promote prosocial behaviors and provide consistency for students by encouraging use of the same strategies at school, home, and in the community. Students also learn how to keep their hands to themselves in a new social narrative in the Strategy Library.

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New Math Boards and Graphic Organizer Boards

Provide a fun, engaging way for students to work on abstract math skills like counting, math operations, and more with six new math boards. Teachers save time with boards that can be customized for visual representations of counting and math operations. Plus, four new graphic organizer boards can be customized to include 3, 4, 5, or 6 pictures to help students comprehend the circular nature of books, writing, and life cycles. Boards can be printed and completed or they can be completed with interactive tools and then printed to showcase student work.

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How to Make a Terrarium

Provide practice following directions, counting, measuring, and identifying objects in an interactive, fun way! Players learn about making their own terrarium. By following directions and deciphering the correct items and measurement of items, students build their own terrarium on screen. At the end, when the terrarium is made, players receive positive reinforcement with applause and the words “well done!”

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