New Courses Plus Time-Saving Updates and Resources

As promised, we continue to add courses to Unique Learning System (ULS) and Inspire! ULS has a new foundational phonics course aligned to the Science of Reading and two new math courses. Inspire’s new math course addresses what can be a challenging topic: fractions. Plus, Positivity and SymbolStix PRIME get new time-saving resources and Polaris gets new functionality to support writing high-quality, high-impact IEPs.

New Foundational Phonics Course

Implement high-quality instruction that’s aligned to the Science of Reading with the latest course in our Foundational Phonics series. It includes decodable texts as part of engaging, age-appropriate materials that focus on the letters D, N, and G along with high-frequency words. Scripted lesson plans embedded with evidence-based instruction ensure teachers have what they need to build skills effectively.

Two New Math Courses

Students will gain a deeper understanding of shapes and their properties through hands-on exploration and systematic, explicit instruction in scripted lesson plans—all part of our newest math courses. Sorting Similar Shapes helps students build problem-solving skills as they learn new vocabulary words, interact with manipulatives and tools, and play games that involve sorting circles, squares, and triangles. Sorting Shapes by Color lets students choose an attribute (color or shape) to sort shapes by.

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Add Data to a Roadmap with One Click

This update saves teachers valuable time and supports compliance and data-driven decision-making. Use the new “Add to Roadmap” button on a student’s Benchmarks page in the ULS GPS to add scores and Benchmark summaries to their IEP roadmap in Polaris.

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New Math Course

Address a challenging topic for many students with scripted, evidence-based lesson plans and premade activities that are part of a gradual release of responsibility instructional approach. Fractions: Make Connections Using Equivalency covers identifying and representing unit and non-unit fractions on a number line, whole numbers as fractions, identifying and creating simple equivalent fractions, and comparing two fractions with common denominators or numerators.

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Quarterly Strategy Recommendations

Get time-saving direction on choosing premade, customizable strategies that promote prosocial behavior with this resource. Our list of recommendations is specifically for times, events, and themes of the fall season.

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New Customizable Boards

Save time and meet the needs of many unique learners by customizing one board for multiple students or processes. Our latest update to the Board Wizard adds task card boards with 4, 6, or 8 places that can contain words, symbols, and pictures. Give students fun ways to improve comprehension, communicate, and build life skills!

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