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Code is the foundation of every website we visit, every app we use and all our day-to-day technology, such as cash registers and ATMs. Today, coding has become an important skill for everyone to understand. Coding has also become a growing hobby in students of all ages. Despite its pervasiveness in our society, coding has not been prioritized as a topic in classrooms serving students with disabilities. With limited time for instruction and limited access to adapted resources on coding, students with disabilities have not had the exposure to coding concepts that their peers in general education have. n2y, a leader in creating accessible materials for individuals with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities, is excited to be one of the first to bring access to the fun and challenging world of coding. By covering coding as a weekly News‑2‑You topic, n2y hopes all students can learn useful and relevant concepts, practice new skills, better familiarize themselves with technology and build confidence.
Hour of Code News-2-You Newspaper

Hour of Code Newspaper

The newspaper focuses on the topic of coding, Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code event organized by Code.org. The newspaper also includes a science experiment, craft, recipe and comprehension activities. The Hour of Code newspaper will be available to News‑2‑You subscribers from Nov. 29, 2018, through Dec. 13, 2018.

n2y Coding Activity

n2y Coding Activity

Inspired by the Hour of Code event, n2y created a symbol-supported coding activity for students with intellectual disabilities. The activity focuses on moving an object, in this case Bitt Bott, to a target. Students must choose which arrow represents the correct direction. The level of difficulty increases through different obstacles Bitt Bott must avoid. The activity practices coding through following directions.

n2y Coding Certificate
Additionally, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the coding activity to congratulate students on their hard work. The newspaper and coding activity will be available in different levels so students can have an individualized learning experience that matches their abilities. Download the coding activity and take part in the Hour of Code or the learning movement surrounding it through these fun, accessible activities made for everyone.
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