Help Individuals with Disabilities Stay Safe in Severe Weather

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We face the weather each and every day. Though weather may be different from day to day, always changes with the seasons and varies in each area, one thing remains the same: it is important to stay safe and informed during potentially dangerous weather.

n2y has proudly partnered with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and their Weather-Ready Nation program to provide individuals with language and learning disabilities access to the first-ever symbol-supported weather safety materials. As a result of this partnership, n2y has also been named a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.

The NOAA uses science and technology to inform and educate the public on weather conditions and our ever-changing environment. Weather-Ready Nation was created to serve individual communities through preparing and informing citizens on extreme and hazardous weather relevant to their area.

Adapted Weather Preparedness Resources

Adapted Weather Preparedness Resources

The symbol-supported weather safety resources are six ancillary pages that cover: lightning, heat, flood safety, wildfires, cold and tornadoes. The safety messages are the same, expert-created and time-tested messages from NOAA, but the adapted versions have simplified text, image support and uncluttered visual presentation. This way, readers in all areas of the U.S. will have knowledge of weather specific to their geographical area, as well as learn about different types of storms and natural disasters. Access an interactive and PDF version of the weather safety materials in the n2y eXtras.

Weather-Ready Nation Newspaper

Weather-Ready Nation Newspaper

As part of News-2-You®, n2y also created a newspaper and dozens of pages of activities all about the Weather-Ready Nation program. The newspaper is created specifically for kids with moderate to severe cognitive learning disabilities and includes four different reading levels—advanced, higher, regular and simplified. These options allow children at different levels to have access to reading material that works with them and assists with their comprehension. The newspaper makes it a focus to include important information and preventative strategies that will keep readers safe in potentially dangerous weather situations.

Together, n2y and NOAA are dedicated to providing everyone access to helpful, informational materials that will keep them safe in a multitude of weather situations.

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