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Read all about it—really! Students who use newspapers in the classroom and at home achieve higher standardized reading test scores than those who don’t, according to a University of Minnesota study of 2,900 schools in 22 cities across the country. Students are better prepared for testing because they learn to read and comprehend the variety of writing models found in the newspapers.

n2y gives this boost to students who receive special education services with News-2-You®, a weekly current events newspaper and activities that are age respectful and provide several support levels for individuals to access information. News-2-You is delivered with new content every week, and features five different reading levels plus varying reading speeds, text-to-speech capability and answer highlighting to help students become lifelong readers.

Skill-Building Activities Make Reading Fun

Recipes, jokes, games, puzzles and Sudoku enhance students’ understanding and engagement with each week’s main topic. These activities encourage communication, drive vocabulary development, stimulate writing practice, pique interest in geography and more. News-2-You engages students with real and relevant news and helps them understand the issues, events, and people in the news so they can have meaningful conversations both inside and outside the classroom. Exposure to new ideas, sentence structures, concepts and vocabulary not only expands their horizons, but also entices them to be more enthusiastic readers.

Breaking News Alert

In addition to its weekly content, News-2-You presents students with Breaking News in world, sports and entertainment. Breaking News stories give students lots of interesting informational content to read, share and discuss, and Google Mapsâ„¢ lets them zoom in to see exactly where the news is happening. Articles are shorter than the weekly editions and presented in two versions, Advanced and Regular, so students can use informational text to build their skills in understanding the main idea, as well as in summarizing and retelling the news for others.

While various state standards and the Common Core have different benchmarks, one fact they all recognize is the importance of informational text. Newspapers offer an easy way to integrate short informational reading into classroom instruction. Both News-2-You weekly editions and Breaking News support reading standards for informational text. News-2-You also comes with detailed lesson plans that include standards alignment and offer guidance for literacy and language instruction.

Taking It Home

Class News is a News-2-You feature that empowers students in special education to create their own newspapers to share whatever news they choose with parents and caregivers at home. Class News guides users through a fun, interactive process that generates unlimited custom newspapers for printing, emailing and reading! Students capture the nature of their time and school and through Class News, share the excitement and content with parents, caregivers and siblings. Class News adds to the communication loop between school and home providing a dated, symbol-supported, composed and custom new story.

As a subscriber, you can access News-2-You on the n2y website, or offline using printed pages. The News-2-You app supports all levels of each weekly edition of News-2-You.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out News-2-You and see how you can help your students with diverse needs not only excel on standardized reading tests, but also become lifelong readers!

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