Polaris & Unique Learning System—Better Together

Putting together a meaningful IEP can be a fraught process—but it’s worth the effort!

Can you:

  • Streamline the IEP process through collaboration?
  • Keep the IEP process firmly centered on the student?
  • Demonstrate compliance with confidence?

When you combine Unique Learning System with Polaris the answer is yes.

Unique Learning System logo

Unique Learning System is a solution that supports specially designed instruction, with age‑appropriate lessons and activities spanning pre‑K through transition. Built‑in benchmark assessments determine which differentiated levels are needed for each unique learner. Lesson planning is simplified because thematic units for the entire school year are provided upfront.

Lessons and activities are matched to each student’s level, letting teachers efficiently address multiple ability levels in one lesson.

A student’s observational profile is created in Unique Learning System to help the team determine each student’s present levels of performance and guide IEP goals. The profile and assessments are synced to n2y’s IEP development solution, Polaris.

Polaris logo

Teams can engage in meaningful collaboration through the entire IEP process, from planning and writing to execution and reporting. Polaris helps team members create specific, data‑driven goals, and contributes to accurate present level of academic achievement and functional performance statements by reviewing the data from previous assessments, rubrics, and profiles. The solution recommends assessments for the student, and from the results of those assessments, suggests individualized SMART goals.

Polaris gives teams the rigor and specificity needed for IEP compliance.

Unique Learning System running on a whiteboard, and Polaris on a laptop and tablet.

Seamless Simplicity and Synergy

When the IEP goes into action, progress monitoring and daily performance measurements from Unique Learning System give actionable feedback to the team. Polaris puts all the data into one place—often through automatic syncs to n2y data—giving the IEP team transparency into progress on IEP goals.

Educators can adjust instruction with Unique Learning System and other materials recommended by Polaris based on the student’s data. The teacher continues to deliver instruction individualized to that student, maximizing their chances of achieving their IEP goals.

Robust reporting from both solutions is easily shared within the systems, providing multiple ways to demonstrate compliance.

Because so much of the plan is now grounded in data, direct observation, actionable instruction, and collaboration, the IEP is robust and meaningful. Polaris encourages input not only from teachers and therapists but also from parents and caregivers, meaning that the plan is informed and surrounded by people who care deeply about the student’s success. Goodwill is maximized.

When the next school year comes around? Your team has all of the baseline data and progress reports they need for the next IEP, which means continued collaboration and successful outcomes throughout the student’s learning journey.