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Bring teams together and streamline the IEP development cycle! By pairing Polaris with Unique Learning System your teams will be able to collaboratively write present levels of performance and goals and deliver specially designed instruction (SDI). And since real-time data from Unique Learning System connects directly to Polaris, compliance will be easier to demonstrate.

Build a complete picture for success

Collaboration among IEP team members is the single most important factor in developing a plan that effectively meets a unique learner’s needs. Understanding the IEP cycle and how administrators, teachers, service providers, and families are expected to contribute throughout is key to promoting successful student outcomes.

Streamline the IEP process with collaboration

Polaris synchronizes the entire IEP team, including parents and caregivers, with a common workspace. Data collection from Unique Learning System syncs with Polaris, allowing teams to evaluate all of the data points in one place, leading to a better PLAAFP. Not only will each team member understand their role in the IEP cycle, but they’ll also stay up to date on the student’s progress and learning needs.

Syncing performance data from Unique Learning System to Polaris

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Keep the IEP process student-centered

A student’s success is based on the IEP team’s ability to monitor progress—to look at data from multiple sources and adjust instruction to individual needs. With Polaris and Unique Learning System, teams can build a meaningful and actionable plan that’s fully invested in a student’s growth from pre‑K through transition. This powerful combination supports a plan that lives and evolves with the student’s learning journey.

Present Level of Performance and recommended lesson plans from Unique Learning System in Polaris

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Demonstrate compliance with confidence

A compliant IEP is collaborative, includes a well‑written PLAAFP, has clear and actionable goals, and informs instruction. With ongoing progress reviews, Polaris keeps IEP compliance in mind while also pointing toward best results for the student. Robust data collected in both solutions throughout the IEP cycle ensures that continued investment in the student’s academic success meets individual needs and is measurably effective.

Reporting in Unique Learning System and Polaris

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