n2y Introduces Positivity

n2y Introduces Positivity An Innovative Self-Regulation and Behavior Management Solution

Huron, Ohio—Business Wire n2y, a leader in the field of special education, announced the launch of Positivityâ„¢—the first integrated, proactive online classroom management and self-regulation behavioral solution for students.

This behavior management solution is easily incorporated into daily classroom routines and delivers proactive, evidence-based strategies that empower students’ self-regulation and executive function. It also empowers educators to enhance classroom management by promoting positive behaviors, laying the foundation for successful outcomes inside and outside the classroom.

“Positivity fills a gap in the classroom,” said Allison Vice, VP of Products. “Many self-regulation and behavior management products tend to focus on the negative, through consequences. We made it our goal to develop a student-centered program that highlights and rewards positive behavior and hard work, while also reporting important data. These features give Positivity the ability to accomplish so much for both the student and the teacher.”

Positivity uses proactive strategy types to promote self-regulation and manage behavior. Strategies are customizable and can be assigned to the entire class or to individual students, allowing for flexibility.

The core behavior strategy types include:

  • Visual Schedule
  • Workflows & Decision Trees
  • Incentive Charts
  • Breathing
  • Social Narrative
  • Video Modeling
  • Break Cards
  • Visual and Auditory Reminders/Alarms

“At n2y, the students are our primary focus,” said Chrissy Wostmann, CEO. “We work hard to ensure their educational experience is individualized so the opportunity for success is maximized. Positivity will be a great addition to our other learning solutions because it encompasses everything n2y stands for.”

Positivity will be the sixth program offered from n2y, including News-2-You®, Unique Learning System®, SymbolStix PRIME®, L3 Skillsâ„¢ and Professional Development. Positivity is available as its own separate subscription and can be seamlessly integrated with other n2y solutions, providing users with a total solution for their classroom.

For more information on Positivity and any other n2y learning solutions, visit the solutions page.

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