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At n2y, we understand the importance of teaching from a place of confidence—and what it takes to build that confidence when you’re implementing or learning a new program. Teachers and administrators alike expect a new solution to have a measurable impact on student achievement and their own success. With a full range of Professional Development solutions, we’re here to support you and your team every step of the way.

n2y Professional Development

Flexible, sustainable options
online, on-site and on demand

Like all n2y solutions, our Professional Development Learning Plans are created—and delivered—by experts in the field, ensuring you get exactly the support you need, in your preferred learning mode. We’ve developed a comprehensive, flexible and sustainable end-to-end solution to support classroom readiness—from foundational understanding to advanced exploration to certification.

n2y Professional Development Foundations Course

Ensuring fidelity
from the start

Because it’s important to us that you are empowered to use your n2y solutions with fidelity right from the start for the best possible outcomes, we offer a complimentary online orientation with the purchase of any of our programs. Addressing the needs of all educators and specialists who will be using the solution—administrators, speech-language pathologists, teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals—the Foundations Learning Plan provides a thorough introduction to your program as well as navigation, planning and organizational support.

n2y Professional Development on-site certification

Deepening mastery with high professional standards

Essentials and Advanced Learning Plans, available in all modalities, let you delve deeper into your program’s capabilities to optimize planning, instruction, assessment, reporting and more. Both the on-site and online versions result in certification.

n2y Professional Development dashboard

Want to keep learning?

Integrated right into your instructional program, the n2y learning management platform provides on-demand access to a comprehensive online, personalized Learning Plan that can be accessed at any time to deepen mastery and refine teaching practices.

Our training on Unique Learning System, SymbolStix PRIME and News‑2‑You was absolutely awesome! All 55 of my staff members were engaged throughout the day. I truly felt that people did NOT have questions when they left. I had many state that the training was extremely helpful. I was very impressed and am very grateful.

Denise Boyle, Special Education Supervisor

Denise Boyle

Special Education Supervisor

San Angelo Independent School District, TX

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