An Integrated Approach to Behavior Intervention

Whether you are encouraging learners, documenting elements of the intervention process, or creating reports to bring caregivers and team members in sync, Positivity puts you in a proactive posture, addressing issues in real time. Having an integrated system for delivering consistent behavioral support is vital to keeping students focused on learning—and to maintaining compliance.

Establish learner expectations

It starts with your daily visual schedule, which helps set student expectations, supports routines, and reduces anxiety. Visual schedules are easily created in Positivity based on the individual and class schedules that automatically integrate with your other n2y solutions, helping you manage instruction throughout the day.

Identify baselines with the Core Behavior Profile

Ensure the fidelity of all behavior interventions through consistent delivery of data-driven strategies. Identify present levels of academic and functional performance (PLAAFP) in behavioral skill areas by developing a Core Behavior Profile, and then target specific behaviors for tracking and intervention.

Three report types show a student's progress using the break card strategy.

Proactively track and reinforce growth

Positivity gives you the tools you need to be strategic, rather than reactive. Respond in a timely way to reward desired behaviors and minimize negative ones, resulting in a safe, productive learning environment. With automated data collection, it’s easy to track strategy usage by day of week, time of day, student, and more. Thirty report types help inform strategy selection and guide a successful intervention process from start to finish.

Save valuable time for instruction

Customizable strategy templates in Positivity help you quickly and efficiently create personalized behavior interventions and implement them at just the right time, all while knowing your strategies are being automatically tracked. Save and easily access successful strategies for future use.

Two students interacting in class.

Create an efficient, safe, and productive classroom environment

It’s a win-win. Easy to implement and individualize, Positivity empowers you to spend more time on teaching and learning, less time correcting behavior. As a result, you’ll experience less likelihood of burnout and more positive interactions among your students, their peers, and all the adults who work with them. You’ll be leading a more productive classroom with improved behavior and student outcomes.

Positivity’s strategies promote efficiency

  • Visual Schedules

    Visual Schedules

    Prominently display a visual schedule to provide predictability and reduce anxiety.

  • Decision Trees

    Decision Trees

    Help students master planning and productive decision-making. Guide students through a challenging event, transition, or time of day.

  • Social narratives

    Social Narratives

    Create symbol-supported social narratives with highly relevant story lines to promote desired behaviors or highlight steps in a process.

  • Video Modeling

    Video Modeling

    Create and securely upload videos depicting desired actions and assign them to students for viewing to help guide their behavior.

  • Incentives


    Deliver high-value incentives, selected by the students themselves, to motivate more responsive behavior.

  • Calming breaths

    Calming breaths

    Have the power to refocus students during anxious moments.

  • Break cards and alarms as cues

    Break cards

    Preassign break cards to students with attention challenges to help them learn to extend their time on task.

  • Alarms as cues


    For complex scheduling needs or time‑sensitive strategies, use this on‑demand reminder feature to stay a step ahead.

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