Surviving Testing:
What to Do During and After Total Solution

1 hr 1 min

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Bryan Gold, Director of News‑2‑You
Megan Moore, Director of Positivity
Travis Schaeffer, Director of SymbolStix PRIME and L3 Skills

Please join us as we present tools to help you keep students engaged and learning using n2y’s Total Solution on days of statewide testing.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Proactively support behavior during and after testing, ensuring less anxiety for students.
  • Use L3 Skills® for productive downtime opportunities and additional skills practice.
  • Use News‑2‑You® articles and activities to engage learners in fun current events once testing is over.

Get the inside scoop from n2y solution experts!


Learn how to proactively support student behavior during and after testing using fun, engaging components from n2y’s Total Solution.

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