Using Data to Drive Instruction and IEP Goals

Anthony M. Johnson

Professional Learning and Development Specialist


Using Data to Drive Instruction and IEP Goals Total Solution

1 Hour

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Join us to discover how formative and summative assessments in n2y’s Total Solution help educators quickly respond to student needs with relevant instruction that promotes IEP goal completion and standards mastery. For example, Unique Learning System’s Goals, Preferences, and Skills (GPS) makes data-driven decisions on differentiating instruction simple for teachers. And Positivity’s Core Behavior Profile gives actionable insight into each student’s attributes and motivations over time.

In addition, our expert will discuss how to deliver assessments in multiple learning environments, including ways to address the challenges posed by remote learning, and how automated data collection tools can help you meet compliance with fidelity.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Use formative and summative assessment tools to identify and monitor a student’s goals, preferences, transition readiness, and abilities
  • Take advantage of current research and evidence-based instructional and behavioral strategies to boost skill performance in standards-based learning
  • Use skills tracking to identify what to monitor for IEP goals and individual performance
About the Presenter

Anthony Johnson, a Professional Learning and Development Specialist at n2y, is a veteran educator with over 12 years’ teaching experience in both K-12 and higher education settings. He believes that good discipline and effective learning occur best in a democratic, student-centered, instructional setting. He loves working and collaborating with students, colleagues, and various educational stakeholders to make impactful decisions that effect positive change. Anthony holds a Doctorate of Education in Reading with a minor in Curriculum Development from Nova Southeastern University.