Empowering Updates for Teachers and Students

Welcome back from winter break! Check out the latest updates that will improve teaching and learning as classes start back up. You can quickly make assignments that same way in multiple solutions now, capture student attention better than ever with a vibrant new design in News2you, start teaching new math courses in Inspire and Unique Learning System, and much more.

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Improvements to Assignment and Seating

You’ve asked for a consistent experience when using different solutions, and we’ve listened! Quick Assign in SymbolStix PRIME and L3 Skills works just like in Unique Learning System, Classics, and Inspire, so it’s easier than ever to connect students with assessments, activities, and homework. Plus, now you can seat your students in one or more solutions quickly and intuitively.

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Updated Look and Feel

Students will find the latest newsletters wonderfully engaging! Each incorporates real photos at all levels into a beautiful, edge-to-edge design. Plus, we’ve updated the look of multimedia links to make them stand out, so you can easily find them and incorporate additional information into your lessons.

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New Math Course

For struggling students assessed on general education standards, Understanding Place Value: Grade 2 Skills is a foundational course to improve number sense. They read and write 3‑digit numbers and number words and write the expanded form of 3‑digit numbers. They also identify the place and value of each digit in 3‑digit numbers; skip count by 5, 10, and 100; and compare two 3‑digit numbers. This means you have 12 courses for K–5 to use right now, with more on the way!

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New Math Course with Assessments

For students assessed on extended standards, Matching Identical Sets provides supplementary instruction to target foundational skills at three differentiated levels. Promote problem-solving through high-interest, accessible, and standards-aligned math activities. The assessments ensure each student focuses on targeted skills and they support individualized instruction. Now you can choose from a total of 3 math courses with assessments (more coming)!

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Improve Assessment, IEP Goals, and Compliance

Matching assessments to individual students and creating goals based on the results is easier than ever! Now you’ll see information about each assessment and score in the body of the Present Level of Performance (PLOP). New organizational flexibility means you can choose to edit, assign, or exclude items under Current Assessments. Excluding an item hides it from displaying in the body of the PLOP, allowing you to focus on the skills each student is actively building.

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New Feed Symbolsaurus (L and M Words)

Build letter and word recognition in these two new games! After listening carefully for the word that Symbolsaurus wants to eat, students need to drag its symbol to his mouth. Correct answers receive a “thank you” each time as feedback, and at the end, the satisfied dinosaur runs away happily.

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