Updates that Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

We’re listening to your requests as we constantly update our solutions! Administrators will love using a new report for Unique Learning System and Inspire to ensure compliance, implementation with fidelity, and support for teachers. Inspire has three new courses to give teachers more ways to reach struggling students. Finding the right behavior strategies and reviewing specific data in Positivity is more efficient than ever. And students will enjoy completing patterns in our new L3 Skills game.

Total Solution

Administrator Reports

Ensure compliance and pinpoint support for teachers with the updated Daily Performance Report for Unique Learning System and Inspire. By clicking the n2y globe icon in Report Solutions, administrators can view data summaries by standard code and core domain. In addition, administrators can offer training and targeted support for teachers based on insights gained from student progress and implementation data in both solutions.

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Math and Reading Courses

Teachers now have more courses with engaging activities for helping all their struggling students build foundational skills. In Basic Multiplication: Grade 3 Skills, students explore place value, properties of operations, and more through models and drawings. In Basic Division: Grade 3 Skills, they use models to share equally, determining how many equal groups can be made and how many are in each group. In Main Idea and Details: Grade 3 Skills, students develop strategies for reading and understanding literature, such as identifying the central message and describing characters’ effects on events.

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Strategy Search and Reporting

Educators can teach prosocial behaviors appropriate for individual student needs and monitor progress more efficiently than ever! Keyword searches now return more than one strategy in results, saving valuable time. And reports can be filtered by certain behaviors, streamlining analysis and decision-making by showing only specific data.

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Microscopic Cells: Symbol Patterns

Students work on their object identification, ordering, and visual discrimination skills in this game with patterns resembling cells viewed under a microscope. They must correctly fill in the last space in five- and seven‑spaced patterns. Accessibility features support learners with visual and hearing impairments.

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