Boost Student Growth with Empowering, Time‑Saving Updates

Would you like students to have more instructional time? How about new ways to ensure teachers are effective? You get all of this with our latest updates, which include almost every n2y solution! As requested, SymbolStix PRIME offers quick and easy ways to create multiple‑page boards. Unique Learning System (ULS) and Inspire have added new math courses, and ULS also provides new math instructional guides. Polaris now has deeper integration with ULS, Positivity, and L3 Skills. Positivity allows access to strategies, profiles, and tracking without a visual schedule. Finally, News2you’s holiday articles have been updated and expanded, and L3 Skills has a fun new shopping game.

New Ways to Edit and Customize Boards

Now you can spend more time supporting students’ academic progress, communication, and independence and less time editing boards. It’s easy to create multiple‑page boards by duplicating a page, adding an existing board, and adding device templates.

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Expanded Integration with n2y Solutions

Drive greater student growth and positive outcomes with this time‑saving, informative update! First, Polaris provides recommendations for instructional activities in n2y solutions, all related to a student’s IEP goals. Teachers can filter recommendations as needed. Second, Polaris pulls in student data from multiple solutions, including behavioral data from Positivity. This supports goal achievement as a learner’s roadmap is executed.

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New Mathematics Course

Our eleventh math course, Sorting Identical Shapes, offers another great option for helping students build foundational math and problem‑solving skills. Students sort identical circles, squares, and triangles and identify them as the same or different, improving their understanding of shapes and sorting.

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New Mathematics Instructional Guides

Boost instructional effectiveness with the information contained in each of our first five mathematics guides within Unique Learning System. They provide an overview of research‑based strategies that teachers can implement into their instruction with confidence, and they’re included free with every subscription and grade band. The five guides are:

  • Mathematics Guide for Unique Learners Overview
  • Counting and Cardinality for Unique Learners
  • Algebraic Thinking for Unique Learners
  • Numbers and Operations in Base Ten for Unique Learners
  • The Number System for Unique Learners
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Access Resources and Data without a Visual Schedule

We’ve heard your requests! Now you can access premade strategies, core behavior profiles, and behavior tracking without setting up an event on your visual schedule—a helpful time saver. You can still create a visual schedule later when your school day and routines are established.

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New Math Course

Ensure struggling students make progress on foundational skills with our latest math course, Shape Investigation: Make Connections to Fractions. It provides scripting and evidence‑based strategies embedded in every lesson plan along with a gradual release of responsibility instructional approach. Students learn to identify and draw quadrilaterals, describe and categorize shapes based on their attributes, partition shapes into parts that have equal areas, and identify unit and non‑unit fractions using numerators and denominators.

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Updated and New Holiday Articles

Keep your students engaged in learning and excited about communicating with our holiday articles. All include updated images and comprehension questions that match the look and feel of weekly Current Issues. We’ve also added three new holidays:

  • Autism Acceptance Month
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Disability Pride Month
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Shopping Spree: Sporting Goods

In this new game, students develop adding and money skills useful in everyday life. They add items from the sporting goods section of a store to their cart, but they can’t spend more than their gift card amount. They’ll need to add up the price of the item as well as tax and shipping to determine whether the gift card will cover everything.

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