Maintaining Fidelity and Compliance With Detailed Reporting

The process of reporting is time consuming, whether at the district, school, or classroom level. Positivity saves valuable time and effort with robust, real‑time reports that ensure you are delivering behavior strategies with fidelity and can easily demonstrate compliance.

Make timely data‑driven decisions

With more than 20 available report types it’s easy to track success with Positivity. Use the highly visual graphs and charts for a clear daily snapshot of your strategy usage by type, time of day or week, academic period, individual student, and more. Easily identify and analyze trends, make data‑driven decisions about future strategies, and document detailed observations. This behavior tracking allows you to manage the whole behavior intervention process from start to finish.

Three report types show a student's progress using the break card strategy.

Support successful outcomes in your district

When you enhance self‑regulation and minimize behavior incidents, an added benefit to your school and district is keeping students in their least restrictive environment. Positivity’s wellness support helps you develop students’ prosocial behaviors for more positive outcomes while avoiding the need for behavior plans, minimizing office referrals, and ultimately saving costs.

Two students interacting in class.

Implement consistently across learning environments

Behavior interventions are only successful when applied consistently. The accurate reporting produced by Positivity allows you to address behaviors in a timely, proactive way, setting expectations for students, reducing anxiety, and preventing disruptions. The insights gathered, coupled with Positivity’s flexible scheduling and delivery, empower you to implement strategies wherever your students travel throughout the day—from inclusion and general education classrooms to the cafeteria, therapeutic, home, and community settings.

Student activity page showing strategies assigned and graph tracking student progress, with intervention

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