Maintaining fidelity and compliance with detailed reporting

Whether it’s at the district, school or classroom level, reporting is time consuming. Positivity simplifies this task with robust, real-time reports that ensure you are delivering behavior strategies with fidelity and can easily demonstrate compliance.

Make timely data‑driven decisions

Converting the data collected into over 30 different report options, Positivity enables you to plan and hone strategy selection, quickly adjust behavior interventions, and guide their timing and delivery. Use the highly visual graphs and charts to Identify trends and track strategy use by time of day or week, strategy type, academic period, individual student and more. Interpretation guides within the system help you optimize your use of the reports to drive the best possible behavior outcomes. Easy access to reporting also helps you develop and meet IEP goals, engage parents, and easily fulfill compliance reporting.

Ensure consistent implementation across learning environments

Behavior interventions are only successful when they’re applied consistently. The accurate reporting produced within Positivity empowers you to address behaviors in a timely, proactive way, setting expectations for students, reducing anxiety and preventing disruptions. For added consistency, the insights gathered, coupled with Positivity’s flexibility, empower you to implement strategies wherever your students travel throughout the day—from inclusion and general education classrooms to the cafeteria, therapeutic, home and community settings.

Are you ready to see it in action?

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