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Support SEL throughout the day, in any setting

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As children prepare to return to school, they may have difficulty regulating their emotions, which research shows can make both teaching and learning harder. Empower teachers and service providers with Positivity’s evidence‑based strategies to support social‑emotional learning (SEL) and promote learning recovery.

Smooth the transition
back to education

With school closures and other uncertainties in response to the pandemic, students have experienced ongoing transitions and disruptions in their learning environments. Once again, students and educators will be carrying a load of anxiety, uncertainty, and trauma into a new school year. Positivity can ease this transition, helping students acclimate more quickly to the new daily routines, empowering them to stay on‑task and on top of their powerful emotions.

Transition from Crisis Learning

Real Strategies, Real Relief

Provide support to educators stretched in time and resources with Positivity’s structured, tested approach to SEL. This evidence-based system means that while students are getting emotional tools for self-management, their educators, caregivers, and service providers also receive a measure of relief.

Real SEL Strategies

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Meet students where they are

To know where you’re going, you need to know where you started: Determine present levels of student performance using Positivity’s Core Behavior Profile. This helps you identify and document both interfering and prosocial behaviors, and makes tracking easier through the on‑demand panel.

Determine present levels of performance

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Collaborate with confidence

As students learn and grow, you can collect real‑time data and create reports to support timely interventions. Providing meaningful reports to administrators and parents will increase comfort and confidence in the process. And since data is the “secret sauce” of compliance, with Positivity’s powerful workflow you can easily create automated reports for monitoring the progress of IEPs, 504s, and behavior intervention plans.

Positivity’s shareable reports enable your team to collaborate with fidelity as you work on helping students meet behavioral goals and gain independence.

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