Automated differentiation that levels the playing field

Essential for each unique learner’s success, differentiation gives educators a way to deliver appropriately challenging content based on student learning level. Unique Learning Systems’ built-in, automated differentiation not only reduces preparation time for teachers but also promotes engagement, IEP progress, and academic achievement for students. With customized pacing and lessons aligned at point of use to each state’s standards, it’s easy to stay on top of documenting and reporting mastery.

Assessment views in GPS

Easily assess and personalize for students

Goals, Preferences, and Skills (GPS) gives educators the assessment tools to determine each student’s present levels of performance and empowers Unique Learning System to automatically recommend an instructional support level for them. Once a learner is assigned a grade band by their teacher, they will only see personalized settings and lessons at their level when signing into Student View to begin their work.

Lesson plan showing differentiation levels displayed on a laptop

Strengthen engagement and achievement

Three levels of differentiation for each instructional task in a lesson ensure students learn from activities and materials that best match their capabilities for comprehension and demonstrating knowledge (Level 3 tasks offer fewer supports and increased interactivity compared to those in Levels 1 and 2). Accessibility options within each lesson, such as adjustable reading speed, text to speech, and symbol support, give teachers more ways to adapt instruction to individual needs.

Two levels of Inspire Classics adapted text displayed on a tablet and laptop

Inspire Classics

For middle and high school classes using Inspire Classics, an add‑on to Unique Learning System, students have the options of adapted‑text or symbol‑supported literature. Each text comes with Level 1–3 questions and activities based on state extended standards and Level 4 versions that align with general education standards, which may be appropriate for those in inclusion classes.

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