Nurture Moments of Joyful Learning

A shared moment. A lifetime of impact.

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Remember that moment when a student’s face lit up because they understood a new concept? They do too! With the right support, you and all of your unique learners can share the joy of those breakthroughs. That’s why n2y developed Unique Learning System, which empowers teaching and learning like no other instructional solution.

Enrich each student’s daily experience

Meeting each unique learner’s needs in your classroom, school, or district may be a challenge, but you can do this and nurture joyful learning every day with Unique Learning System. It provides a spiraling scope and sequence, grab‑and‑go lesson plans, assessments, progress monitoring tools, and reports in a single solution that streamlines specially designed instruction (SDI). In fact, 600,000 students across the U.S. are using it and/or other n2y solutions to make meaningful progress toward realizing their potential, in school and life.

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Drive student success with a proven solution

Promote active engagement for greater academic and IEP progress with instructional strategies grounded in multiple research- and evidence-based methodologies that reach all students. Unique Learning System is a proven, standards-based academic solution that enables teachers to create exactly the right mix of instructional approaches and best practices that each student will respond to. From direct, explicit, teacher‑led instruction to effectively introducing, modeling, and reinforcing concepts, scaffolded supports ensure students get what they need to learn at any level.

Unique Learning System Elementary Instructional Routine

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Improve teacher efficacy and satisfaction with a network of support

Empower teachers with a solution that fosters measurable growth and includes unparalleled supports, like built‑in professional learning, step‑by‑step guidance, expert advice, and more. They get time back for teaching since so many evidence-based strategies and resources are already provided by Unique Learning System, which creates more opportunities for making those moments that matter! And teachers love and trust Unique Learning System because they see increases in student motivation, confidence, and academic progress firsthand

teacher viewing ULS Smart Start on a tablet

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Streamline planning and implementing specially designed instruction

Motivate students to keep building knowledge and skills that are useful throughout life with standards-aligned literacy and math instruction and captivating activities. For example, Unique Learning System offers a leveled, real‑world, emergent literacy experience and diverse writing opportunities. For math instruction, it provides thematic units that focus on grade‑level standards and a supplementary course to build foundational skills. Unique Learning System is the perfect companion to SDI across the curriculum, helping students make academic gains and achieve IEP goals.

Unique Learning System literacy and math activities

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Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.