Douglas County School District Unique Learning System

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Administrators in Colorado’s third largest district, Douglas County School District, identified the need for resources and curriculum to effectively educate students with complex learning needs. Stability and consistency within the special education program were insufficient, and teachers were left to gather student data by whatever means possible. After hearing of the success of Unique Learning System in neighboring districts, DCSD began its own deployment of the program. At first, concerned about technology literacy among staff, the district opted for a staged deployment, and with the help of n2y’s specialized training, built an internal support network of teachers who mastered the program. Unique Learning System has facilitated monthly and yearly formative assessments in the district as well as goal setting and tracking and the ability to demonstrate student growth.

Download the full report to learn more about DCSD’s student growth as well as the district’s unique approach to training and process improvement meetings.

Douglas County School District Case Study of Unique Learning System

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