Strategies to Boost Students’ Executive Functioning

1 hr

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Executive functioning skills such as the ability to remain on task, stay focused and organized, and self‑manage are essential for success in school and beyond. Your students need guidance to develop these skills, and we’ll teach you a variety of metacognitive strategies to meet different needs.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Boost growth in students’ executive functioning skills
  • “Avoid and Escape the Downward Spiral” through the use of metacognitive learning strategies and self‑regulation
  • Choose metacognitive strategies for explicit instruction based on specific categories of executive functioning

Give students skills for success in school and life with the help of metacognitive strategies presented in this webinar.

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About the Presenter
Roberta Strosnider and Valerie Saxton Sharpe worked in pre‑K–12 general and special education followed by higher education teacher preparation. Currently, they are executive functioning consultants at the Institute on Executive Functioning. For the last 20 years, they have collaborated in the development and implementation of a model for promoting students’ executive function growth. Roberta and Valerie use this model to help students self regulate their learning and actions via metacognitive strategies. They also share their model with teachers throughout the country. They are co authors of The Executive Function Guidebook: Strategies to Help ALL Students Achieve Success.