Optimize Communication from Day One SymbolStix PRIME

1 Hour

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Donnetta Buggs
Online Professional Learning Manager

Travis Schaffer
Product Director, SymbolStix PRIME and L3 Skills

Get ready to be back in school with this entry in the Live@n2y Back‑to‑School skill‑building webinar series! You’ll see how easy it is to be up and running very quickly with SymbolStix PRIME. Our experts will focus on the easy‑to‑use templates and intuitive customization options to assist with learning recovery and so much more!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Efficiently search through the vast library of over 90,000 symbols, and download and save your symbols.
  • Curate relevant symbol collections to improve comprehension and communication opportunities in a classroom or therapeutic setting.
  • Use the Board Wizard, highlight tools, and other customization options such as symbolize, composite shapes, layout tools, image properties, and text to speech.
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Live@n2y Back-to-School Series

Learn to quickly create and deliver communication activities and supports with SymbolStix PRIME.

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