Lay the Groundwork for Behavior and Learning Positivity

1 Hour

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Anthony Johnson, EdD
Professional Learning and Development Specialist

Megan Moore
Product Director, Polaris and Positivity

Get ready to be back in school with this Live@n2y Back‑to‑School skill‑building webinar! Positivity’s behavior strategies can make a huge difference in any classroom by helping to create structure, set expectations, teach relaxation and regulation, and reinforce positive behaviors. Our experts will review getting you set up with Positivity for the year, assessing a student’s overall social‑emotional learning (SEL) and behavioral skills to assist with program and intervention planning, learning recovery, and much more.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the impact of behavior on learning and why proactive SEL supports are important to classroom and student success.
  • Use evidence‑based tools to support ALL learners in understanding and following classroom expectations.
  • Use the Core Behavior Profile and evidence‑based strategies in Positivity to help start the year off right.
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Live@n2y Back-to-School Series

Learn how to pave the way for academic and behavior growth with Positivity's evidence-based strategies.

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