Self-Regulation Positivity

45 min

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Imagine starting each day confident that your students will stay on task with minimal behavior disruptions. This dream can be a reality with Positivity—n2y’s integrated online behavior and classroom management solution. Find out how you can easily deliver proactive strategies throughout the day—and across learning environments—to support self‑regulation and executive functioning, which are so essential to learning. You’ll also learn:

  • The power of visual schedules to reduce anxiety, keep students focused, and promote independence
  • Seven integrated, evidence-based strategies that support emotional control
  • How to implement on-demand strategies with consistency to prevent unwanted behaviors
  • The value of behavior data tracking and reporting to improve both social emotional and academic outcomes
Empowering Self-Regulation

Discover the power of Positivity to improve both social emotional and academic outcomes. Watch our on‑demand webinar!

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About the Presenter
Stacey currently has more than 18 years of experience providing educational advancement to K–12 students and adult learners. She is a seasoned educator with expertise in Special Education, 504s, MTSS/RTI, and ELL. In addition, Stacey worked directly with students using n2y solutions. She earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations and a Master's Degree in Teaching-Varying Exceptionalities from the University of South Florida.