Introduce Accessible Classic Literature to Address Standards ULS Inspire Classics

1 Hour

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Karrie Welch
Professional Learning Coordinator

Kara Meaux
Product Director, ULS Inspire

Get ready to be back in school with this Live@n2y Back‑to‑School skill‑building webinar! This thorough overview of ULS Inspire Classics examines the differentiated levels of support that can help every student access the world’s classic literature. Our experts will take a deep dive into the lesson plans and instructional routines, research‑based strategies for promoting ELA standards mastery and learning recovery, and the many engaging activities that ULS Inspire Classics has to offer!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Help middle and high school students fulfill ELA and literature standards.
  • Help students build critical reading skills such as inferencing, determining the main idea and author’s purpose, understanding vocabulary, and analyzing texts.
  • Use instructional routines and differentiated lessons with embedded research-based strategies.
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Live@n2y Back-to-School Series

Learn how ULS Inspire Classics can get students started on fulfilling ELA and literature standards.

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