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summer learning
for unique learners

Keep your students engaged and moving forward with a dynamic summer‑themed unit.

Are you looking for a way to combine standards-based academics with fun summer learning? n2y has just the solution—the 2020 Unique Learning System Summer Unit with a kid-friendly theme: At the Amusement Park!

We’re offering complimentary access to this unit, which will be available to educators and parents starting on May 20.

Differentiated lessons

In dynamic, age-appropriate lessons for pre-K through transition, the summer unit focuses on physical science standards such as force and motion, while also incorporating ELA and math content and reinforcing life and social skills like nutrition, recreation and leisure.

Enriching activities

  • Exploring the motion of different amusement park rides
  • Making an amusement park favorite—corn dogs—in muffin form
  • Experimenting with the amount of energy it takes for a marble to loop the loop on a pool noodle roller coaster
  • Participating in popular amusement park games like ring toss and bowling during the Midway Field Day
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