Three months of summer engagement
By the Sea

Keep education momentum throughout the summer with a full summer of lessons that focus on life science, geography, and life skills.

two SymbolStix characters building a sand castle at the beach

Nurture curiosity with ocean‑themed lessons

Should your students’ summer be fun, or educational, or both? Choose “both” with Unique Learning System, the award-winning solution that keeps unique learners engaged while helping them progress and meet their IEP goals.

Lesson plans for Unique Learning System's Summer Unit, By the Sea

Mitigate summer learning loss with high‑quality lessons

Keep learning happening all summer long with age‑appropriate, standards‑aligned lessons and engaging activities you and your students will love. Students learn about plants and animals that live in the ocean, as well as how people use the ocean for recreation and leisure activities.

A science experiment and recipe from Unique Learning System's Summer Unit, By the Sea

Enrich learning with relevant activities

Bring students into the fun with beach‑ and sea‑themed activities that give a thrilling spin to biology and life sciences. Your students will more easily engage when they discover a real‑life context for science concepts: the sea!

Activities include:
  • Using maps to locate the world’s oceans
  • Learning the characteristics of different plants and animals
  • Water games and beach‑related activities
  • Sand crafts
  • Water balloons and a relay race
  • Making ice cream sandwiches
  • Experiments to discover how fish breathe under water
SymbolStix character using a laptop

Ensure progress while using standards-aligned instruction

All lessons are aligned with state standards and developed with evidence‑based best practices. Easy access to the online lessons through Student View makes it simple for you to support a carefree summer learning experience that keeps children moving forward.

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